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The company Psaltiras´ is a family company in the Mani, οn the Southern Peloponnese, in Greece, which was founded by Nicos Psaltiras and his wife Katerina. Our company is seated approx. 25 km South of Kalamata, in Kambos Avias, a small village, which lies in 500 m altitude in the middle of the beautiful Taygetos-Mountains.

nicos psaltiras

Our main product is our extraordinary extra virgin olive oil. The excellent quality of our extra virgin olive oil results of the unique characteristics of nature in our region, our love to this unique natural product, our gentle and respectful harvest method of our own olive trees as well as the gentle harvest method of well chosen olive farmers, we cooperate with. Further speciality products are our Kalamata olives in extra virgin olive oil. Our company's philosophy is, to produce first class, high quality extra virgin olive oil, which attaches importance to the highest expectations of gourmets.

 Harvest and production of our Extra Virgin Olive oil

photo 02 LThe harvest begins each year, in the Mani, in November and goes until approx. end of January. Our extra virgin olive oil is characterized by the variety of the olive we use to create our extra virgin olive oil. It is the variety Koroneiki, which creates a wonderful, fruity-mild and aromatic extra virgin olive oil. The aroma reminds of fresh cut grass and the taste reminds of artichokes, apples and bananas. The olives are all hand picked. After daily harvest the olives are brought, max. after 24 hours after harvest, in linen sacks (for to let the olives breath) to the modern olive mill, where our green gold, finally, is won through cold extraction .

photo 03 LAfter this production process in the olive mill, the olive oil is brought in stainless steel tanks to our storage room, where we store the olive oil approx. 2 months in bigger stainless steel tanks for to seperate naturally the deposit from the olive oil. This is, because we don´t filter our extra virgin olive oil with machines. With this method we filter it in a natural way. Therefore, it could happen that there is a deposit and/or a clouding in the olive oil or at the bottom of the bottle/can. This is a natural phenomenon and does not influence the quality of our product.

Our region and its geoclimatical characteristics

photo 04 LOur region, the Mani, is a wild, very beautiful region, which is characterized by long, dry summers and mild winters. The soil structure is, originated from the wild Taygetos-Mountains, which is present in the whole Mani, very rocky. Therefore, most of the olive groves are seated on terraces. These facts are important circumstances, which are also responsible for the extraordinary quality of our extra virgin olive oil. We would be very happy, if you come to visit us.